Direct3D Mobile OS Design Development (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Microsoft® Direct3D® Mobile is an application programming interface (API) that provides support for 3-D graphics applications on Windows Embedded CE-based platforms. It is derived from the Direct3D API found on Microsoft Windows-based desktop systems, but optimized for use on embedded systems.

Though Direct3D Mobile is mainly designed for developing stand-alone applications such as games, navigation systems, and CAD applications, its advanced graphics technologies such as alpha blending, high-quality bitmap stretching, and 3-D transformations can also be used to create next-generation user interfaces.

Implementation Considerations

The following table shows the Sysgen variables associated with Direct3D Mobile.

Sysgen variable Description


Adds Direct3D Mobile support to your OS design.


Adds the Direct3D Mobile reference driver to your OS design.


Adds a Direct3D Mobile driver that has been optimized for XScale to your OS design.

Modules and Components

The following table shows the modules and components associated with Direct3D Mobile.

Item Module Component

Core support for Direct3D Mobile



Direct3D Mobile sample applications



Direct3D Mobile reference driver



Hardware Considerations

Because Direct3D Mobile allows you to implement fully software-based drivers, there are no minimum hardware requirements for a display-based platform. The more you can make use of dedicated graphics hardware, the greater the performance of your device will be. A graphics adapter that supports texture and lighting operations in hardware provides the best performance.

All Direct3D Mobile drivers must support the capabilities defined in the base device profile. For more information, see Direct3D Mobile Device Capabilities and D3DMPROFILE.


The following table lists the Catalog item dependencies that most directly relate to this item's functionality. There are additional dependencies as well. For more information on determining the complete list of dependencies for this Catalog item, see Catalog Item Dependencies.

Catalog item Sysgen variable

Minimal GDI Configuration


Minimal GWES Configuration


Minimal Input Configuration


Minimal Window Manager Configuration


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