Unicode Script Processor for Complex Scripts (Compact 7)


The Unicode Script Processor for Complex Scripts (Uniscribe) technology supports scripts that require special processing to show and edit because the characters are not laid out in a linear progression from left to right. Windows Embedded Compact provides the correct text handling and layout for these scripts, and for mirroring capabilities.

Uniscribe in Windows Embedded Compact 7 matches the Uniscribe implementation in Windows 7, including the Windows 7 implementation of the following features:

  • Support for processing surrogate pairs, which each represent a single supplementary character in a written script language.
  • Support for the Unicode-based OpenType font format, which extends TrueType font format by allowing mapping between characters and glyphs.

For more information, see Uniscribe at MSDN.

To add this feature to your OS, see Uniscribe Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see Uniscribe Reference.

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