DirectDraw (Compact 2013)


The DirectDraw API provides support for hardware-accelerated 2-D graphics. It offers fast access to display hardware while retaining compatibility with the Windows graphics device interface (GDI). DirectDraw is a specialized memory manager for both system and display device memory and uses hardware acceleration where available. With DirectDraw, you can allocate and manipulate both system and graphics memory, including transfers between the two.

DirectDraw for Windows Embedded Compact is adapted from DirectDraw for Windows-based desktop operating systems. Some capabilities from the desktop version have been extended and others have been curtailed to better suit embedded devices.

DirectDraw supports the following effects:

  • Bit-block transfers (blits)
  • Page flipping and multiple back buffers
  • Overlays, which is placing one image surface over another on the video display
  • Alpha source over destination blending, which is blending two surfaces using the source alpha image component
  • Video YUV pixel formats and color conversion
  • Direct video access to the frame buffer

To add this feature to your OS, see DirectDraw Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see DirectDraw Reference

Sample application code is available at %_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\DIRECTX\SDK\SAMPLES\DDRAW\SRC.

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