Rnaapp (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


RNAApp is a sample application that displays status information while a dial-up or VPN connection is established. RNAApp supports the remote network dialing application and contains the UI for establishing and providing status for RAS connections.

The following table shows the Rnaapp function that is exported by the Network UI. The function and its return value are contained in the %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Drivers\Netsamp\Rnaapp directory. This function is contained in Rnaapp.c.

Function Description Parameters


Displays an application-modal dialog box that enables the user to change the current location, adjust location and calling card parameters, and see the effect on a phone number about to be dialed.

For more information, see LineTranslateDialog (Network UI).

  • hParent is a handle to the parent window to which the dialog box is to be attached.
  • pDialogWnd is a pointer to the dialog window.

For more informaton about RNAApp, see AutoDial-Compatible Dialers and Public Common OAK Drivers Directory.

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