Winsock Support in Windows Embedded CE (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Windows Embedded CE implementation of Winsock provides the following functionality.

Functionality Description

Support for multiple transport protocols including layered protocols and provider chains

Allows an application to use the Winsock interface to achieve simultaneous access to a number of installed transport protocols.

Sample code for a Layered Service Provider (LSP)

Shows how to create a layered service provider.

Overlapped I/O with scatter/gather

Incorporates the overlapped paradigm for socket I/O and incorporates scatter/gather capabilities as well, following the model established in Microsoft Win32® environments.

Protocol-independent name resolution facilities

Includes a standardized set of functions for querying and working with the many different name resolution domains that exist today.

Winsock Secure Sockets

Enables you to add a security infrastructure to an application using a set of specific Winsock extensions.

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