Firewall (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The IP firewall is typically used on an Internet gateway device. It can also be used as a host firewall. The firewall helps protect the device on which it runs and helps to protect devices on the private side of the gateway. The firewall blocks IP traffic at the IP and transport layers.

In This Section

  • IP Firewall OS Design Development
    Presents IP Firewall information that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows Embedded CE OS. This includes dependency information, the modules and components that implement the firewall, and implementation considerations. It also includes best practices, default firewall rules, firewall rule examples, and information about submitting a firewall for certification.
  • IP Firewall Migration
    Presents information that is important to know if you are migrating from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another.
  • IP Firewall Samples
    Describes sample code that is available in the %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Sdk\Samples\Firewall directory.
  • IP Firewall Logging Reference
    Explains how IP firewall logging is achieved and provides reference material for IP firewall logging programming elements.
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