RTC Client API Version Comparison (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


In general, the Windows Embedded CE implementation of the RTC Client API supports the same functionality and uses the same external API as the desktop implementation. However, there are some differences.

The following table shows the corresponding desktop RTC version for each Windows Embedded CE release that contains the RTC Client API.

The documentation for the desktop implementations is often organized by version, and understanding which desktop version matches which Windows Embedded CE version can make it easier to use the desktop RTC documentation in addition to the Windows Embedded CE RTC documentation.

The documentation for the desktop version of RTC is available at this Microsoft Web site.

For more information about Windows Embedded CE and desktop differences, see Comparing Windows Embedded CE and Desktop RTC Implementations.

Windows Embedded CE version Desktop RTC version

Windows CE .NET 4.0

RTC 1.0

Windows CE .NET 4.1

RTC 1.0, with slight changes

Windows CE .NET 4.2

RTC 1.2, prerelease

Windows CE 5.0

RTC 1.2, final version

Windows Embedded CE 6.0

RTC 1.5, final version


The contents of this table provide a general mapping between desktop and Windows Embedded CE versions and do not guarantee that corresponding versions are identical.

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