Touch Registry Settings (Compact 2013)


The touch screen registry stores information necessary to configure the behavior of the touch screen.

The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Hardware\DeviceMap\Touch registry key is required to configure the touch screen. The following table shows the named values for the Touch settings.


The default registry values vary depending on which Catalog items are included in your OS design.

Value : type


DriverName : REG_SZ

Indicates the name of the touch screen DLL. To enable the touch screen, set to Touch.dll.

CalibrationData : REG_SZ

Specifies the touch screen calibration coordinates.

The HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Pen registry key sets the value for the stylus. The following table shows the named value for the Pen settings.

Value : type


DblTapDist : REG_DWORD

Default setting is 20 pixels. Indicates the size of a reference rectangle constructed around the location of a stylus tap. If a second tap occurs inside the rectangle within the allowed time, it is considered a double-tap.

The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\UserInput\ registry key sets the size of the GWES user input queue.

Value : type


QueueSize : REG_DWORD

Default setting is 512 entries. You can increase the User Input Queue for scenarios like multi-touch where the input driver floods GWES with input entries at a rate that quickly fills the standard queue size.

Values less than 512 will be ignored and 512 will be used instead.

This registry key is read only during GWES initialization upon each boot; the queue size does not change dynamically at runtime. If this registry key does not exist, GWES uses the default size of 512 entries. If GWES cannot allocate memory for the User Input Queue, GWES initialization fails and an error message is sent to debug output. This is the standard behavior for User Input subsystem initialization failure.

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