Platform Builder Tools (Compact 7)


Platform Builder for Windows Embedded Compact 7 includes the following tools.

Tool Description

Application Compatibility Tool (ceappcompat.exe)

Scans dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) and executable files for deprecated APIs.

BinCompress Tool (BinCompress.exe)

Compresses or decompresses binary (.bin) file format run-time images to use with the x86 BIOS boot loader (BIOSloader).

BinDiff Tool (bindiff.exe)

Shows the differences between two binary files

BinMod Tool (BinMod.exe)

Extracts files from a run-time image, and replaces files in a run-time image.

CAB Wizard (Cabwiz.exe)

Creates cabinet (.cab) files to facilitate installation of drivers or applications on a device.

Cabsigntool Tool (cabsigntool.exe)

Signs a .cab file and its files with the specified certificates.

CeBackup Tool (Cebackup.exe)

Creates backup copies of Windows Embedded Compact-based libraries.

Createmui Tool (Createmui.bat)

Creates resource files for the Multilingual User Interface (MUI).

Cvrtbin Tool (Cvrtbin.exe)

Converts ROM files from .bin file format to SRE or NBX (.nb0) file format.


Displays information about 32-bit Common Object File Format (COFF) object files and their libraries, executable (.exe), and dynamic-link library (.dll) files.

Guidgen Tool (Guidgen.exe)

Creates a GUID.

Keyboard Layout Generator Tool(Kbdgen.exe)

Produces Windows Embedded Compact input language and device layout source files from a Windows XP keyboard layout .dll file.

Readlog Tool (Readlog.exe)

Converts CeLog (.clg) files into text (.txt) file format.

Run-Time License Assessment Tool

Displays information about the run-time image.

Signcode Tool (signcode.exe)

Signs a file with a certificate.

Signtool Tool (signtool.exe)

Signs files using a signature, verifies signatures in files, or time stamps files.

Stampbin Tool (stampbin.exe)

Displays or edits data that is contained in the ROMPID and ROMHDR ROM header extensions of a run-time image.

Sysgen Capture Tool

Creates sources files for public drivers that you modify and build in your platform directory.

Unldcmd Tool (unldcmd.exe)

Removes a program from the device.

Unload Tool (unload.exe)

Removes an application from the device.

Creating a Shortcut File

Provides a link to another file.

Viewbin Tool (Viewbin.exe)

Displays information about the contents of a run-time image.

Wceldcmd Tool (wceldcmd.exe)

Removes a .cab file.

Wceload Tool (wceload.exe)

Installs a .cab file on a device.

XAML Resource Packager (xrpack.exe)

Turns XAML and project resources into an application package.

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