Creating a Hello World Application (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


After creating an OS design and completing the subsequent steps as described in How to Implement a Control Panel Application, you will add an application project to your OS design. The following steps describe how to build a simple "Hello World" application using a wizard in Platform Builder.

To create and build the Hello World application

  1. From the File menu, select New, and then select Subproject.

  2. In the Windows Embedded CE Subproject Wizard, select WCE Application.

  3. Type the name HelloWorld for your application in the Subproject name box. Click Next.

  4. In the Auto-generated subproject files page, choose A typical "Hello World" application and then choose Finish.

    Your project appears in the Platform Builder IDE, in the Solution Explorer window under the Subprojects node.

  5. In the Solution Explorer window, expand the Suborojects node, and right-click the HelloWorld project name and choose Build.

You can control whether your application is built and included in your OS by opening the Project menu, choosing <ProjectName> Properties, selecting the General node, and then setting your desired build option.

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