Maintaining Images (Standard 7 SP1)


This section provides information about maintaining an image. Windows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit provides tools that you can use to add feature packages, language packs, drivers, and software updates to the Windows Embedded Standard 7 installation on your device. You can perform maintenance tasks on an installation regardless of whether it's currently running or not. An installation that is running is called an online image, and an installation that you have captured to a .wim file is called an offline image.


In This Section

  • Building Images
    Describes how to create, customize, and localize a Standard 7 installation.
  • Deploying Images
    Describes deploying your custom image by using the tools that are provided: ImageX, Windows PE, Image Builder, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM).


    The Standard 7 setup process performs several verifications, which rely on the target device's date and time settings. For optimal performance, confirm that the target device is set to the correct date and time.

  • Technical Articles
    Provides technical articles on building, deploying, and servicing Standard 7 images.