Change the Location of the Pagefile (Standard 7 SP1)


To improve the performance of Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) on a system that uses a pagefile, you can relocate the system pagefile to an alternative partition that is not EWF-protected. This requires at least two partitions: one partition that EWF protects, and another partition that is writable.

To change the location of the pagefile

  1. After a run-time image is deployed, edit the following registry key:

    Key Name: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\

    Value Name: PagingFiles

    Type: REG_MULT_SZ

    Data: C:\Pagefile.sys 150 500

  2. In the Data field, change the path and file name of the pagefile, together with the minimum and maximum file size values (in megabytes).

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