Image Builder Configuration Passes (Standard 7 SP1)


Configuration passes are used to specify different phases of Image Builder. When you run Image Builder, you apply the unattended installation settings in an answer file in one or more configuration passes.

The following topics describe the configuration passes you can use with Standard 7.

In This Section

  • How Configuration Passes Work
    Describes the phases of Image Builder that are used to apply settings in an unattended installation answer file and provides example scenarios for configuration passes.
  • windowsPE
    Describes specific Image Builder –related settings and commands.
  • offlineServicing
    Describes the offlineServicing pass used to add language packs, updates, or other packages to the offline image.
  • generalize
    Describes the generalize pass to create a Standard 7 reference image throughout an organization and to automate the behavior for all deployments of this reference image.
  • specialize
    Describes computer-specific information for the image that was created by using the generalize configuration pass to configure network settings, international settings, and domain information.
  • auditSystem
    Describes the requirements and advantages of starting Image Builder in audit mode.
  • auditUser
    Describes the auditUser configuration pass to run RunSynchronous or RunAsynchronous commands for running scripts, applications, or other executable files during audit mode.
  • oobeSystem
    Describes configuring settings that are applied during the first-boot experience for end users, also known as Windows Welcome, before a user first logs on to Standard 7.