Standard 7 Toolkit Technical Reference (Standard 7 SP1)


This section provides technical documentation for Windows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit. Here you will be able to reference detailed configuration and usage information for the tools included in Standard 7 Toolkit. To instead learn about the architecture and functionality of these tools, see Standard 7 Basics

In This Section

  • Image Builder Technical Reference
    Describes the Image Builder tool, which is used to configure Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Welcome. Image Builder also supports custom installations and unattended installations.
  • ImageX Technical Reference
    Describes the ImageX command-line tool, which is used to capture, modify, and apply images for deployment in a manufacturing or corporate IT environment.
  • Oobe.xml Technical Reference
    Describes Oobe.xml, which is a content file that is used to collect text and images for customizing Windows Welcome, Welcome Center, and ISP Signup. It can also be used to build a single Standard 7 image.
  • Sysprep Technical Reference
    Describes the Sysprep tool, which assists you in deploying images on new hardware and helps prepare an operating system for an end-user.
  • Windows PE Technical Reference
    Describes Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 3.0, which is a minimal operating system which can be used to start a computer that has no operating system, to partition and format hard drives, to copy disk images, or to start Image Builder from a network share.
  • Command-Line Tools Technical Reference
    Describes additional command-line tools that are included in Standard 7 Toolkit. Some of these tools are available with Standard 7 Toolkit. Other tools are available as part of the Standard 7 operating system.

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