Use Image Configuration Editor to Resolve Answer File Dependencies (Standard 7 SP1)


Image Configuration Editor can be used to help you identify dependencies in your answer file and resolve those dependencies. Unresolved dependencies might prevent your image from functioning correctly. For more information on dependencies, see Dependencies.

To resolve dependencies in an answer file

  1. In Image Configuration Editor, open or create an answer file.

    For more information, see Create an Answer File in Image Configuration Editor.

  2. On the Validate menu, choose Validate Only.

  3. Check the Messages pane on the Validation tab. If there are no unresolved dependencies, a message is displayed verifying that there are no warnings or errors in your answer file. Otherwise, error or warning messages will appear in the same location.

  4. Double-click the first error in the Messages pane that states "Dependencies of the source package are not satisfied" to open the Resolve Dependencies dialog box for that error.


    Unresolved required dependencies generate errors displayed with a red "x" icon next to them; they must be satisfied before the answer file is considered complete. Optional dependencies generate informational messages displayed with a blue "i" icon next to them; they do not need to be resolved.

  5. For each dependency listed, select the check box or check boxes required to satisfy that dependency. When the dependency has been resolved, "(Resolved)" will appear next to the listing.

  6. When all dependencies have been satisfied, click OK. If the error is resolved, the Messages pane will display the error as struck through.


    Resolving the dependency of one package might also resolve dependencies for other packages. We recommend that you validate your answer file again each time you resolve a dependency to be sure you have the most up-to-date information. This will also help prevent you from inadvertently adding a package to your answer file more than once as the Messages pane does not automatically refresh the status of all messages.

  7. Continue this process until all dependency errors are resolved.

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