Image Files in Standard 7 (Standard 7 SP1)


A Windows Embedded Standard 7 image (.wim) file contains one or more compressed Standard 7 images. Each Standard 7 image in a .wim file contains a list of all the components, settings, and packages available with that Standard 7 image.

Limitations of Windows Embedded Standard 7 Image Files

The following list describes some limitations that you may encounter when you use .wim files.

  • Only a user who has administrative credentials can open a Standard 7 image file.
  • Only one user at a time can open a Standard 7 image file.
  • Standard 7 image files are typically large because they can contain one or more Standard 7 images. Some Standard 7 image files are several gigabytes.

A Standard 7 image can change over time. Standard 7 image files also change when you add, configure, or remove packages. You use Image Configuration Editor to create an answer file in which you modify, add, or remove the settings. By running Image Builder and then applying the answer file, you apply the new settings and configurations. If you recapture the installed Standard 7 image by using ImageX, the new settings and configurations become the defaults.

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