Replace the Startup Screen Background Image (Standard 7 SP1)


The Custom Logon Desktop Background Images package lets you replace the background image for the startup screens. When combined with the Unbranded Startup Screens package, you can rebrand the Windows Embedded Standard 7 startup screen to meet your custom product requirements.

Follow the Remove Windows Branding instructions which installs a default background screen. Then follow the instructions below to replace the background image of the startup screen.

To replace the startup screen background image

  1. In Image Configuration Editor, add the Custom Logon Desktop Background Images package to your answer file (Unattend.xml).

  2. Change the value of the Path setting to the folder that contains your background images. The Path setting pulls in the entire folder of images. This method works if you use a configuration set. Otherwise, you must pull the files in manually.

  3. The background file images must be named as follows:

    • backgroundDefault.jpg
    • background768×1280.jpg
    • background900×1440.jpg
    • background960×1280.jpg
    • background1024×1280.jpg
    • background1280×1024.jpg
    • background1024×768.jpg
    • background1280×960.jpg
    • background1600×1200.jpg
    • background1440×900.jpg
    • background1920×1200.jpg
    • background1280×768.jpg
    • background1360×768.jpg


    You do not have to supply all of these files. The backgroundDefault.jpg file will be used if the corresponding resolution file is not available. This file must be less than 256000 bytes.

  4. The final location of the files on your device is %WINDIR%\System32\Oobe\Info\Backgrounds.


    Choosing a Windows Theme will deactivate Custom Logon Desktop Backgrounds and revert to the Windows Embedded Standard 7 background screen. If you want to use a Windows theme, you must create an identical theme but set the SetLogonBackground setting in the theme file to 1. You can also reactivate the Custom Logon Desktop Background with the Windows theme by setting the group policy setting: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Always use custom logon background after choosing the windows theme.

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