Cryptography API: Next Generation (Compact 2013)


Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG) is the replacement for the Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI or CAPI). CNG is extensible at many levels and cryptography-agnostic in behavior. Application developers can use CNG to assist with information confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication. For more information about cryptography-agnostic behavior, see CNG Features.

CNG is a pluggable Windows Cryptography API that application developers can use to add authentication, encoding, and encryption to Windows-based applications. When developers add CNG to their application, users can create and exchange documents and other data in a more secure environment, especially over unsecure media such as the Internet. CNG developers should be familiar with the C and C++ programming languages and the Windows-based programming environment. Although not required, an understanding of cryptography or security-related subjects is advised. To learn more about the CNG solution, see Cryptography API: Next Generation.

When you implement cryptography in your OS, you can also add support for digital certificates. For more information, see Certificates Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

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