OAL - KITL, Memory, RTC Tests (Compact 2013)


The OAL - KITL, Memory, and RTC tests are comprised of the following.

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Compare RTC and GTC to SNTP Tests

Compares the RTC & GTC to an SNTP server to check for drift. This automated test can be used to replace the manual Wall Clock and RTC Drift Test

Measure Memory Performance Test

Measures many of the latencies, sizes, and properties of the various stages of the memory hierarchy, such as L1, L2, SDRAM, and TLB

OAL KITL (Stress) Tests

Verify that the kernel-independent transport layer (KITL) functions correctly under stress

OAL KITL (Stress) v2 Tests

Verifies the kernel independent transport layer (KITL) by: sending data back and forth using all applicable KITL packet and window sizes, and verifying data integrity; sending data concurrently using multiple KITL streams; measuring throughput and latency on the KITL channel

OAL RTC Alarm Test

Verify the behavior of the RTC alarm

System Time (Real-Time Clock) Tests

Verify the implementation and behavior of the device's real-time clock

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