OEMMpCpuPowerFunc (Compact 2013)


This function changes the power state of a specific CPU in a multiprocessor platform.


BOOL OEMMpCpuPowerFunc(
    DWORD dwProcessor,
   BOOL fOnOff,
   DWORD dwHint


  • dwProcessor
    Hardware ID (CPU ID) of the processor to be turned on or off.
  • fOnOff
    Indicates whether to turn the processor on or off. The value true indicates on, and false indicates off.
  • dwHint
    A processor-specific hint that is passed to this function by the CePowerOffProcessor function. OEMMpCpuPowerFunc uses the dwHint value only when the processor is being turned off (fOnOff is set to false). This parameter is a hint to the OEM, and it can indicate whether to implement a partial power-down or a full shutdown. A value of 1 indicates full shutdown, and other values are implementation-specific.

Return Value

Returns true if successful; otherwise, returns false.


This function is optional for multiprocessor support. You should implement it if your hardware platform supports turning off secondary CPUs to save power. If you implement OEMMpCpuPowerFunc, set the pfnMpCpuPowerFunc member of OEMGLOBAL to point to this function.

Do not call this function directly in your OAL. The kernel must maintain control of which CPUs are powered. Use the CePowerOnProcessor and CePowerOffProcessor functions to control which CPUs are powered.





OEMMain.lib or OEMMain_StaticKITL.lib

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