Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Callout Drivers (Compact 7)


A Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Callout Driver is a kernel-mode driver that implements one or more callouts for extending the capabilities of the Windows Filtering Platform. You implement a WFP callout driver to process network data in ways that are beyond the scope of standard network filtering functionality. You can use callout drivers to perform packet modification, stream modification, data logging, and a complex inspection of network data to determine which data should be blocked, permitted, or passed to another filter. For example, an antivirus product can look for complex virus signatures in network data by implementing a WFP callout driver.

A callout consists of a set of callout functions and a GUID key that uniquely identifies the callout. A callout driver registers its callouts with the WFP Filter Engine so the filter engine can filter network data by using the callout functions of the driver.

For reference information, see WFP Callout Driver Reference.

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