IXRCustomEffect (Compact 2013)


This C++ class represents the base class for custom effects that can be applied to a visual element to change its appearance; OEM developers derive hardware specific custom effect classes from this class to create custom effects that application developers can use.


class IXRCustomEffect : public IUnknown

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Thread Safety

Members of this class are thread-safe if you previously called IXRApplication::CreateHostFromXaml and supplied it with an XRWindowCreateParams structure that has AllowsMultipleThreadAccess set to true.


In Microsoft Silverlight 3, the Blur and DropShadow effects are included, and applications developers can use them in projects and download other custom effects, regardless of the hardware that the Microsoft Silverlight 3 application runs on. The pixel processing performed by Microsoft Silverlight 3 effects happens in software. This processing can degrade performance if developers apply those effects to multiple, large, visual elements.

In XAML for Windows Embedded, effects are implemented by OEM developers. The OEM developer must supply header (.h) files in the SDK for their effects library. The XAML for Windows Embedded application developers can then include the header files in their applications so that they can use the effects in their applications, either in XAML or in code. For more information on implementing custom effects, see IXREffect.

To display effects in XAML for Windows Embedded, you must use hardware acceleration to ensure that processing done by effects is as fast as possible. For more information about hardware acceleration, see Hardware-Accelerated Graphics.

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