RemoteFX Escape Sequences (Compact 7)


The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client interacts with a display driver by using a set of well-defined interfaces that take advantage of graphics device interface (GDI) escape sequences. You must use the GDI escape sequence interface to implement your thin-client RemoteFX display driver when using hardware-assisted decoding. When the RDP session initializes, the RDP client queries the display driver to verify that these escape sequences are implemented. Hardware-assisted decoding is not supported if these escape sequences are not implemented in the display driver. These GDI escape sequences are not used in software decoding for RemoteFX. In addition to typical graphics rendering operations, the display driver must support the following four RemoteFX escape sequences:

Escape Sequence Description


The codec library in the RDP client queries hardware capabilities from the display driver.


The codec library decodes compressed data into the video memory buffer and optionally transfers decoded data back to system memory.


The codec library copies decoded data directly to the shadow bitmap.


If the OEM activated full-screen mode, the RDP client sends the ESCAPE_EXIT_CA escape sequence to the display driver when the RemoteFX session ends. The display driver uses this notification to return to non-RemoteFX display mode.

The RDP client sends the ESCAPE_EXIT_CA escape sequence only when the FullScreenRFXOnly registry setting is turned on (set to a value of 1).

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