Adding Write Filter Support to Custom Task Sequences


This section provides instructions for disabling and restoring write filters using the extensions added to the Task Sequence Editor by Device Manager 2011. Make sure to perform the following procedure on a primary site server running Device Manager 2011 using the exact steps in the order provided. Only one Disable and one Restore command can be used per custom task sequence. You can view the status of the task sequence from any server in your organization, but you can modify it only from the primary site server that you used to create this task sequence.


Device Manager 2011 restarts devices from the operating system each time the write filters are disabled and restored. Depending on how you have scheduled the software deployment, there may be pauses during this process.

To add write filter support to a custom task sequence

  1. Create a program by using the following settings in the New Program Wizard. For more information, see How to Create a Program in Configuration Manager Help.

    1. On the General page, in the Command line box enter a Windows Installer (msiexec) command, or other installer tool command, with parameters set to quiet mode and no restart.

    2. If the program requires a restart, on the General page , in the After running box, select ConfigMgr restarts computer.


      To use a command-line tool to perform the restart, set the restart to begin in 10 or more seconds.

    3. On the Environment page, in the Program can run list, select Whether or not a user is logged on.

    4. On the Environment page, in the Run Mode box , select Run with administrative rights.

  2. On the server running Device Manager 2011, create a new custom task sequence. For more information, see Create a Custom Task Sequence in Configuration Manager Help.

  3. Once created, right-click the custom task sequence, and then click Edit.

  4. Place your cursor at the start of the process, click Add, select Write Filter, and then click Disable Write Filter.

  5. Click Add, and then select Install software.

  6. On the Properties tab, next to the Package field, click Browse, and then select a package.

  7. Click the Options tab, and then select the Continue on error check box.

  8. Make any other necessary edits to the task sequence.

  9. Place your cursor at the end of the process, click Add, select Write Filter, and then click Restore Write Filter. Save your changes.

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