Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 SDK


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 provides a robust management solution for desktop computers, mobile computers, and servers (referred to in this document as traditional client computers). Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 extends the capabilities of Configuration Manager to enable the management of specialized devices (specifically; thin client, point of service, digital signage, handheld, and kiosk devices). The result is a comprehensive device management solution that is robust and seamless, and provides an experience similar to managing traditional client computers.

This SDK is for device manufacturers that want to integrate their existing device imaging solution with Configuration Manager by using a COM or DCOM component that they develop. In addition, administrators can use the provided WMI Provider reference to script or automate administrative tasks with Configuration Manager.


This COM or DCOM component is referred to as the device imaging component in this document; it is also referred to as the OEM Plug-in in some code comments.

Although this is not required, you may want to install Device Manager 2011 client and Device Manager 2011 server to help you develop and test the device imaging component.

The device imaging component can be installed and hosted on an operating system, such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 that includes COM or DCOM support. The operating system must also be updated with the latest service pack.

For information about how to create a device that is optimized for management with Device Manager 2011 (including the Device Manager 2011 client), see the Designing Devices for Enterprise Management with Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 white paper, available from the Mobile and Embedded Communication Extranet (ECE).

For information about how to install Device Manager 2011 server, see the Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 Administration Guide.

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  • Device Imaging Service
    Information about the Device Imaging service and designing a device imaging component.