Device Inventory


This section provides information about viewing device inventory information from device inventory reports and Resource Explorer. You can view device inventory in Resource Explorer or through several new predefined device inventory reports. Either process lets you view important inventory information about devices, such as hardware specifics and write filter status.

Device Inventory Reports

The following lists the new predefined device inventory reports installed with Device Manager 2011:

  • All devices running Windows Embedded
  • Devices not able to complete an image deployment
  • Devices reporting password settings
  • Devices reporting Proxy Settings
  • Devices reporting PXE status
  • Devices reporting VPN Settings
  • Devices reporting WiFi Settings
  • Devices retrying an image deployment
  • Devices waiting for image deployments
  • Devices with suspended image deployments
  • Devices with an image deployment in progress
  • Devices with deployed configuration package settings
  • Devices with Enhanced Write Filter and related settings
  • Devices with FBWF path exclusion list settings
  • Devices with File-Based Write Filter and related settings
  • Devices with Internet Explorer settings
  • Devices with successful completion of an image deployment
  • Status of Specific Image Deployment

For more information about POS peripherals, see POS for .NET on MSDN.

For more information about scheduling, running, and viewing inventory reports; see the following topics in Configuration Manager Help:

You can connect devices and wait for the scheduled hardware inventory to run. However, if you want to begin gathering device inventory information immediately, manually enable the servers and devices to collect the information. For more information, see About the Hardware Inventory Client Agent in Configuration Manager Help.

Resource Explorer

You can view device inventory information in Resource Explorer in the Configuration Manager console or from a command line. For more information, see the following topics in Configuration Manager Help:


Specific inventory details that do not apply to a device are not displayed in Resource Explorer. For example, if a device does not have write filters installed, write filter settings are not displayed in Resource Explorer.

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