Updating the Properties of a Deployment


This section provides instructions for updating the properties of a deployment. The following table lists the properties that you can update during the various states of deployment.

Deployment state Updatable properties

Not started

Deployment name, Comments, Deployment start time, and Deployment expiration time

Started (including when you resume the deployment) and Suspended

Deployment Name, Comments, and Deployment expiration time

Expired and Terminated



Updates to the Deployment name will not be reflected in device imaging reports.

To update the properties of a deployment

  1. In Configuration Manager Console, under System Center Configuration Manager, expand Computer Management, expand Embedded Device Management, and then expand Device Imaging.

  2. Click Deployments, right-click the deployment that you want to update, and then click Properties. Update the properties on the General and Schedule tabs as needed. For more information on the properties that can be updated based on the state of the deployment, see the preceding table.

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