Collections and Inventory Troubleshooting


This section provides instructions for resolving issues with collections and inventory.

Wireless Network Devices Are Listed with an Authentication Type of Open Instead of 802.1x

The WiFi Setting node in Resource Explorer lists the authentication type for wireless network devices as Open instead of 802.1x. There is no workaround for this issue.

Unable to Restore the All Windows Embedded Devices Collection After It Is Deleted

If you set the All Windows Embedded Devices collection as a linked subcollection and later delete the All Windows Embedded Devices collection, the collection is permanently deleted. To restore the All Windows Embedded Devices collection, uninstall and then reinstall Device Manager 2011.

The All Windows Embedded Devices Collection and Subcollections Remain After Uninstalling Device Manager 2011 Server

After you uninstall Device Manager 2011 server, the All Windows Embedded Devices collection and its subcollections remain in Configuration Manager console. Make sure to delete the All Windows Embedded Devices collection and subcollections after you uninstall Device Manager 2011. For more information, see Delete Collection Wizard in Configuration Manager Help. If you do not delete these collections before you reinstall Device Manager 2011, you will have duplicate collections in the Configuration Manager console.

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Appears in the Application Event Log After Viewing Device Status in Resource Explorer

You can ignore this error. It does not cause functionality failure. For more information about the Application Event Log, see How to Check the Application Event Log Errors in Configuration Manager Help.

Device Inventory Stopped Working

Reasons why device inventory may stop being collected include:

  • During an upgrade to Configuration Manager, some Device Manager 2011 files have been corrupted or deleted.
  • Invalid entries have been made to the Sms_def_ext.mof file, which is the file installed with Device Manager 2011 that provides extensions to the Configuration Manager inventory to include device information. Customization of the Sms_def_ext.mof file, such as to add additional inventory collection, is not supported. Unlike the Sms_def.mof file, Configuration Manager does not save a copy of Sms_def_ext.mof and cannot automatically repair Sms_def_ext.mof when it becomes corrupt. The Sms_def_ext.mof file is removed when Device Manager 2011 is uninstalled.
  • The Sms_def_ext.mof file has been deleted.

To repair device inventory issues, uninstall and re-install Device Manager 2011.

Reporting Errors Occur If Inventory Cycle Has Not Run After Device Manager 2011 Is Installed

After you install Device Manager 2011, you must wait for an inventory cycle to run before you use the reports installed by Device Manager 2011. If you do not wait for an inventory cycle to run, the Configuration Manager console will display an error similar to the following:

“An error occurred when the report was run. The details are as follows:

Invalid object name ‘dbo.v_GS_EDM_DEVICEINFORMATION’.

Error Number: -2147217865

Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Native Error: 208”