Deleting an Advertisement with Write Filter Support


This section provides instructions for deleting an advertisement with write filter support. Before you delete an advertisement, make sure that you are connected to the primary site server that was used to create the advertisement and have the appropriate permissions to perform the task. For more information, see Managing Security Using Device Manager 2011.


If you delete an advertisement with writer filter support before the advertisement completes on all devices, some devices may remain locked and the write filters will remain disabled. To avoid this issue, do not delete the advertisement until it has completed on all devices.

To delete an advertisement with write filter support

  1. Click System Center Configuration Manager, expand Computer Management, expand Embedded Device Management, expand Write Filter Servicing, and then expand Advertisements with Write Filter Handling.

  2. Right-click the name of the advertisement that you want to delete, and then click Delete.

The advertisement is now removed from the Advertisements with Write Filter Handling page, and the task sequence associated with that advertisement is also deleted.

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