Installation Components


This section provides information about how to install the following components as part of the Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 server installation in a Configuration Manager environment:

  • Server Core Components
  • Configuration Manager Console Add-in
  • Device Imaging service

The following sections describe the components in more detail.

Server Core Components

You must install Server Core Components on a central or primary site server that has the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Provider role in Configuration Manager. Server Core Components require the Configuration Manager WMI SDK, which is available only on computers that have the Configuration Manager SMS Provider installed.

You must install Server Core Components on all primary site servers that have Device Manager 2011 server installed.

The following table describes the features that are installed as part of Server Core Components.

Feature name Description


A MOF file update feature that supports asset inventory extensions.

Device Manager 2011 Server Core Functionality

A feature that provides the basic functionality for Device Manager 2011.

Common Components service

A Windows service host that supports device configuration, write filters, collections, inventory, and other Server Core features.

Configuration Manager Console Add-in

The Configuration Manager Console Add-in lets you use the features of Device Manager 2011 from inside the Configuration Manager console. Install the Configuration Manager Console Add-in on the computer that has Configuration Manager console installed. You can have multiple installations of Configuration Manager console and Console Add-in.

Device Imaging Service

The Device Imaging service is an optional component that supports the deployment of operating system images to devices. To use the Device Imaging tools and view progress on the status summarizer, you must also install the Configuration Manager Console Add-in on a computer with Configuration Manager console installed. The Device Imaging service uses a device imaging solution created by the device manufacturer or a third-party developer. This solution is connected to the Device Manager 2011 server by using a device imaging component. In a multiple site server deployment, you can have multiple Device Manager 2011 site servers with the Device Imaging feature and each site server can support one or more device imaging solutions. The device imaging solution may require a separate site server for the device imaging component, depending on the manufacturer’s requirements.

You must install the Device Imaging service on a primary site server that has Server Core Components installed.

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