Capture the Installation on a Network Share (OPK) (POSReady 7)


In this step, you capture an image of your reference computer by using Windows PE and the ImageX tool. Then you store that image on a network share.

To capture the installation on a Network Share

  1. On your reference computer, insert the Windows PE media and restart the computer.


    To start from the CD/DVD-ROM drive, you may have to override the start order. Select the appropriate function key to override the start order.

  2. Windows PE starts, and then opens a Command Prompt window.

  3. Capture an image of the reference installation by using the ImageX tool located on the Windows PE media.
    For example, at a command prompt, type:

    E:\Imagex.exe /capture D: D:\Myimage.wim "My Win7 Install" /compress fast /verify
  4. Copy the image to a network location.
    You can do this because Windows PE provides network support. For example, at a command prompt, type:

    net use Y: \\network_share\images
    copy D:\Myimage.wim Y:
  5. If necessary, provide network credentials for appropriate network access.

Next Steps

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