Install the Windows OPK (POSReady 7)


Use the following procedure to install the Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (Windows OPK) to the default installation.

To install the Windows OPK

  1. Insert the Windows OPK DVD into the technician computer's DVD-ROM drive.
  2. The Setup program will automatically install tools and documentation on the local computer under C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\.


    If the Setup program does not start automatically, in Windows Explorer locate the DVD drive that contains the Windows OPK DVD, and then click StartCD.exe. Click Windows OPK Setup to begin the installation.

Default Installation Directories

By default, Setup creates the following directory structure:

C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\Docs\
C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\Samples\
C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\SDKs\
C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\Tools\

The following table describes each available folder created by Setup.

Folder Definition


Contains online Help (.chm) files and white papers.


Contains all Windows OPK samples.


Contains software development kit (SDK) resources.


Contains all deployment tools. These include Windows SIM, Windows PE, and ImageX.

Next Steps

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