File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) Technical Reference (POSReady 7)


File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) enables redirection of all changes made to a protected volume to an in-memory overlay. This provides system designers with the option of discarding all changes made to a system in a manner that is transparent to user applications.

In This Section

Topic Definition

FBWF Overview

Provides an overview of File-Based Write Filter. This overview describes FBWF operation and architecture.

FBWF Features

Describes the new features that were introduced in FBWF.

FBWF Installation and Configuration

Describes the tools and procedures for installing and configuring FBWF.

FBWF Manager

Provides a guide to using FBWF Manager for quickly prototyping and integrating FBWF at design time.

FBWF Integration

Specifies FBWF interactions with other features and components.


Describes the functions that you can use to control FBWF programmatically.

File-Based Write Filter Provider Reference

Technical reference information for the File-Based Write Filter WMI Provider.

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