I2CDevice Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the I2CDevice type.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Method I2CDevice Initializes a new instance of the I2CDevice class.

Public Destructors

Name Description
Public Method ~I2CDevice Deletes an instance of the I2CDevice class.

Public Fields

Name Description
Public Field Config Contains the device's configuration data.

Protected Fields

Name Description
Protected Field m_disposed Set to true when this I2CDevice object has been disposed and its resources released; otherwise set to false.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method Static CreateReadTransaction Creates an I2CReadTransaction object that can be passed to the Execute method.
Public Method Static CreateWriteTransaction Creates an I2CWriteTransaction object that can be passed to the Execute method.
Public Method Dispose Releases resources used by the I2CDevice object.
Public Method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Public Method Execute Executes a transaction by scheduling the transfer of the data involved.
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Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)

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