Turning Off Device Collections


This section provides instructions for manually turning off device collections created by Device Manager 2011. If you turned off device collections during installation, the following steps are not needed.

To turn off device collections

  1. Open Registry Editor and search for the [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EDM] registry key.

  2. Set the DisableAutomaticCollections to a DWORD value of 1.

  3. Create your own collections for your devices.

  4. Restart the Common Components Service. Open a Command Prompt window and enter the following Services Snap-in command: net start “EDM Common Components Service”. For more information about how to use the Services Snap-in commands, see Start, stop, pause, resume, or restart a service on TechNet.

  5. After the next scheduled collection update cycle is completed, you can delete the All Windows Embedded Devices node.

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