What's New in Device Manager 2011 SP1


This section provides a summary of new features and improvements provided by Device Manager 2011 SP1.

Support for more Configuration Manager environments
You can now install Device Manager 2011 on Configuration Manager 2007 (SP1 or R2 SP2) in a hierarchy that includes both Configuration Manager 2007 and Configuration Manager 2003 site servers.

Improved scalability and deployment
The following scalability and deployment enhancements are provided with Device Manager 2011 SP1:

  • Support for hierarchies where Device Manager 2011 is installed on multiple primary site servers. For more information, see Multiple Site Server Installation Examples.
  • Ability to scale to the number of managed devices that Configuration Manager allows.
  • Support for centralized and distributed reporting.

Expanded logging
You can now view the EDM_Setup.log file for status messages specific to installation issues. For more information, see Log Files.

Support for kiosk devices
You can now use Device Manager 2011 to manage kiosk devices. Kiosk devices are used by consumers to interact with retail, hospitality, and financial institutions.

More flexible collections
You can now create device collections manually instead of having Device Manager 2011 create them automatically. For more information, see Turning Off Device Collections.

Support for multiple distribution points
You can now use multiple distribution points to distribute advertisements and task sequences with write filter handling.

Improved device imaging performance
The following device imaging performance enhancements are provided with Device Manager 2011 SP1:

  • Device imaging status messages are now automatically deleted six months (180 days) after the device imaging request start date. The default value was increased to provide a longer period to view reports for offline and newly deployed devices. You can adjust this value. For more information, see Creating a Deployment.
  • You can now search for device imaging reports by titles in addition to GUIDs.

Increased reliability and security
For more information about specific changes, see Managing Security Using Device Manager 2011.