Detect Peripherals and Packages (Compact 2013)


In the Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK), you can enable or disable peripheral detection. If you enable peripheral detection, the CTK checks the device for the peripherals that each test case requires when it connects to a device.

In the Test pass display window, the CTK displays a "not detected" icon (a red circle with a line through it) on each test case folder where the tests require peripherals that the attached device does not have. For more information, see Test Pass Icons.

To enable peripheral detection

  • In the CTK, on the Connection menu, click Peripheral Detection.

Package detection is the same as peripheral detection, except it checks for required software packages instead of peripherals. Package detection is not used often in the test cases in the Windows Embedded Test Catalog. To determine if there are required packages for a test case, in the CTK, in the Properties window, view the Needed Packages field.

To view the required peripherals for a test case

  1. In the CTK, on the Tests menu, click Manage Tests.

  2. In the Test Manager window, in the Test Case Explorer pane, click a test case.

  3. In the Test Case Information tab on the left, click Advanced.

  4. In the Advanced Test Information dialog box, the required peripherals are listed under the section Required peripherals.

This information is also available from the Needed Peripherals field of the Properties window for an individual test.

For more information, see Create a Test Pass.

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