Clone a BSP (Compact 2013)


To clone a BSP, copy the entire directory of an existing BSP into a new folder with a different name than the original folder. You can now modify the BSP or use it to create a new one without affecting the original BSP.

For this procedure, the BSP that you want to clone must be installed in Platform Builder. For more information about the installation, see Install Windows Embedded Compact 2013. If the original BSP is not installed, reinstall Platform Builder and select that BSP on the Customize Installation page.

To Clone a BSP

  1. Open Visual Studio.

  2. Go to Tools> Platform Builder>Clone BSP.

  3. In the Clone Board Support Package dialog box, under OS build tree (WINCEROOT), enter the name of the Compact 2013 root folder. The default folder is c:\WINCE800.

  4. In the Source BSP list, select the BSP that you want to clone. BSP names display in the form <BSP Name>:<CPU Architecture>.)

  5. Under New BSP information, enter a Name and Description for your new BSP.

  6. In the Platform directory field, enter the folder where you want to store the files for your new BSP. Platform Builder will create this folder under %_WINCEROOT%\Platform. The name of the new folder cannot contain any spaces, and cannot be changed later.

  7. Enter a Vendor and Version for your new BSP, and then click Clone.

To use your new BSP, open Platform Builder and launch the OS Design Wizard. On the Board Support Packages page, select your new BSP.

If you want to clone your new BSP, open the Clone Board Support Package dialog box. In the Source BSP list, select your new BSP.

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