CTK User Interface (Compact 2013)


The Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK) user interface (UI) consists of an integrated set of windows, tools, menus, toolbars, and other elements that you use to execute, view, and manage your Windows Embedded Compact tests in one place.

The UI uses standard Windows interface functionality that resembles the Visual Studio UI. It displays multiple windows that show information and data pertinent to test cases.

Figure 1

The Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit window, shown in the previous figure, is made up of an icon toolbar at the top, a menu bar, four primary windows, and a status bar at the bottom of the window.

The four primary windows are as follows:

  1. The Test pass display window in the upper left displays the current test pass and is divided into two parts:
    • The left side of the window displays a test pass in either Tree View or a flat List View.
    • The right side of the window displays the Help documentation for the test case currently selected in the left side.
  2. The Test Case Explorer window in the upper right displays the following tabs:
    • The Test Case Explorer tab displays the master test catalog in a tree view. It contains the Windows Embedded Compact test catalog by default. Other catalogs may be added in the future. For more information, see Windows Embedded Test Catalog.
    • The Test Pass Templates View tab displays the user-created and built-in test pass templates. For more information about test pass templates, see Create a Test Pass.
    • The Connections View tab displays the device that the CTK is connected to. For more information, see Connect to a Device.
  3. The Properties window in the lower right is similar to the Properties windows in Visual Studio. It displays the properties of the currently selected test case, test pass, template, or connection. For more information, see View Test Properties.
  4. The Connection Output window in the lower left displays debug messages from the CTK and from a test case as it runs.

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