Unified Write Filter WMI Provider Reference (Standard 8)


Review the Unified Write Filter (UWF) WMI provider classes for Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8).

You can use the WMI providers for Unified Write Filter (UWF) to configure UWF during run time.

The list below describes the WMI provider classes for Unified Write Filter (UWF).

  • UWF_ExcludedFile
    Describes a file or folder that is currently in the file exclusion list for UWF.
  • UWF_Overlay
    Manages thresholds and size values for the UWF overlay.
  • UWF_OverlayFile
    Contains a file that is currently in the overlay for a volume protected by UWF.
  • UWF_Volume
    Manages the volume configurations for UWF.


We recommend setting the authentication level to PacketIntegrity or PacketPrivacy for remote clients when you connect to WMI providers under root\standardcimv2\embedded when using WMI scripts or applications. For more information about how to use authentication with WMI providers, see this Microsoft Web site.

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