Safe String Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

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Developing an Application

String safe functions duplicate or enhance familiar string functions from the standard C run-time (CRT) library.

Many enhancements enable the string functions to work with Unicode or extended character sets.

In This Section

  • About Strings
    Provides an overview of the different kinds of string functions in Windows CE.
  • StrSafe.h Buffer Handling
    Describes how strsafe.h functions improve the security of buffer handling.
  • Using Strsafe.h
    Provides information on using the strsafe.h functions without deprecating existing functions.
  • Safe String Reference
    Provides detailed reference information about the safe string API.
  • C Run-time Libraries
    Contains general information about the Microsoft C Run-time Library.
  • String Manipulation
    Provides an overview of the C Run-time string functions, and links to reference information.

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