Determining Supported COM APIs (Windows CE 5.0)

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All run-time images include Ole32.dll, whether the run-time support is Minimal COM, COM, or DCOM.

To determine if a function is supported in a specific run-time image, check Ole32.dll to see if that function is included.

To see the list of Automation functions, check Oleaut32.dll.

To list the functions

  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Type link /dump /exports ole32.dll.

    You see the list of all functions included in Ole32.dll that are supported in this run-time image.

If you are an application developer using an exported SDK in Microsoft Windows eMbedded Visual C++® 4.0 or later and you have access to the device with the run-time image, you can verify the existence of the Ole32.dll using the Remote File Viewer tool.

However, you cannot list the contents of the DLL unless you have access to the build release directory.

To see the list of functions in the DLL, check the default API tables that show the support for the three levels of COM using the following procedure:

To list the functions using eMbedded Visual C++

  1. Find out from the device manufacturer the level of run-time support for COM; that is, whether it is Minimal COM, COM, or DCOM.

  2. Read the following topics: Minimal COM Supported APIs, COM Supported APIs, and DCOM Supported APIs.

    Each topic lists the supported APIs for each level of COM support. Automation Supported APIs topic lists additional functions.

    **Note   **The API list in the SDK shows the default implementation for Minimal COM, COM, and DCOM. This does not reflect customization that the device manufacturer might have done for COM. You can ask the manufacturer for a list of functions in Ole32.dll. This list is generated from the build release directory.

To determine if an interface is supported

  • Check the interface registration on the device to verify if the interface is supported.

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