FTP Server OS Design Development (Windows CE 5.0)

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The FTP Server implementation in Microsoft® Windows® CE can copy files to and from remote computer systems over a network using TCP/IP. The source code is provided to you as is, so that you can customize the implementation for your specific requirements.

OS Design Information

The following table shows operating system design information for FTP Server.

Concept Description
Dependencies Core Server Support (Services)
Hardware considerations None

Modules and Components

The following table shows the components and modules that implement FTP Server.

Item Module Component
FTP Server ftpd None

FTP Server Implementation Considerations

The following table shows the Sysgen variable for FTP Server functionality.

Sysgen variable Description
SYSGEN_FTPD When this variable is set, the FTP Server Catalog item is included in the OS design.

Application Development Topics

FTP Server Application Development

FTP Server Implementation

Accessing the FTP Protocol

Creating Virtual FTP Directories

Assigning User-Specific Permissions

FTP Server Registry Settings

FTP Server Security

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