CreateToolhelp32Snapshot (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function takes a snapshot of the processes, heaps, modules, and threads used by the processes.

HANDLE WINAPI CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(DWORD dwFlags,DWORD th32ProcessID );


  • dwFlags
    [in] Portions of the system to include in the snapshot.

    The following table shows the available values for this parameter.

    Value Description
    TH32CS_SNAPHEAPLIST Includes the heap list of the specified process in the snapshot.
    TH32CS_SNAPMODULE Includes the module list of the specified process in the snapshot.
    TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS Includes the process list in the snapshot.
    TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD Includes the thread list in the snapshot.
    TH32CS_GETALLMODS Includes all modules in the snapshot.
    TH32CS_SNAPNOHEAPS By default, the process heap information is included when creating PROCESS snapshot.

    For a more efficient way of receiving the basic information of the process, use this flag with TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS.

  • th32ProcessID
    [in] Process identifier.

    This parameter can be zero to indicate the current process.

    This parameter is used when TH32CS_SNAPHEAPLIST or TH32CS_SNAPMODULE is specified. Otherwise, it is ignored.

Return Values

An open handle to the specified snapshot indicates success.

INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE indicates failure.


The snapshot returned is a copy of the current state of the system.

To close a snapshot, call the CloseToolhelp32Snapshot function.

Do not call the CloseHandle function to close the snapshot call. That generates a memory leak.

The snapshot taken by this function is examined by other tool help functions to provide their results.

Access to the snapshot is read-only.

The snapshot handle acts like an object handle and is subject to the same rules regarding the processes and threads where it is valid.

To retrieve an extended error status code generated by this function, use the GetLastError function.

Because the data captured by CreateToolhelp32Snapshot is static and the system is dynamic, use try-excepts around the APIs that access this data.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Tlhelp32.h.
Link Library: Toolhelp.lib.

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