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This structure contains information identifying the code pages and Unicode subranges for which a specified font provides glyphs.

typedef struct tagFONTSIGNATURE {DWORD fsUsb[4];DWORDfsCsb [2];}FONTSIGNATURE;


  • fsUsb
    A 128-bit Unicode subset bitfield (USB) identifying up to 126 Unicode subranges.

    Each bit, except the two most significant bits, represents a single subrange.

    The most significant bit is always 1 and identifies the bitfield as a font signature; the second most significant bit is reserved and must be 0.

    Unicode subranges are numbered in accordance with the ISO 10646 standard.

  • fsCsb
    A 64-bit code-page bitfield (CPB) that identifies a specific character set or code page.

    Code pages are in the lower 32 bits of this bitfield.

    The high 32 are used for non-Windows code pages.


The graphics device interface (GDI) relies on Windows code pages fitting within a 32-bit value. The highest two bits within this value are reserved for GDI internal use and cannot be assigned to code pages.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.10 and later.
Header: Wingdi.h.

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