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This structure describes parameters supplied when making calls using lineInitializeEx.

typedef struct lineinitializeexparams_tag {DWORD dwTotalSize;DWORD dwNeededSize;DWORD dwUsedSize;DWORD dwOptions;union{HANDLE hEvent;HANDLE hCompletionPort;  } Handles;DWORD dwCompletionKey;} LINEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS, FAR* LPLINEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS;


  • dwTotalSize
    Total size, in bytes, allocated to this data structure.
  • dwNeededSize
    Size, in bytes, for this data structure that is needed to hold all the returned information.
  • dwUsedSize
    Size, in bytes, of the portion of this data structure that contains useful information.
  • dwOptions
    One of the LINEINITIALIZEEXOPTION. Specifies the event notification mechanism the application desires to use.
  • hEvent
    If dwOptions specifies LINEINITIALIZEEXOPTION_USEEVENT, TAPI returns the event handle in this field.
  • hCompletionPort
    Handle to a completion port.
  • dwCompletionKey
    Completion key.


See lineInitializeEx for further information on these options.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Tapi.h.

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