Tools for Debugging and Testing (Windows CE 5.0)

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You can use a variety of tools included in Windows CE to debug and test a Windows CE–based device.

In This Section

  • Core Connectivity
    Introduces the infrastructure for connectivity between a development workstation and a target device.
  • System Debugging
    Provides overview information about the kernel debugger, debugger setup, and debugger state control. In addition, presents information about debug messages and exception handling.
  • Emulator
    Describes the tool that simulates the behavior of a Windows CE-based target device on your development workstation.
  • CeLog Event Tracking
    Describes the CeLog Event Tracking subsystem and its related tools, including instructins for its use and guidelines for customization.
  • Kernel Profiler
    Describes a profiling tool you can build into the Windows CE kernel.
  • Remote Tools
    Describes the Windows CE remote tools, which you can use from a development workstation to perform a variety of tasks on a Windows CE-based device.
  • Debugging and Testing How-to Topics
    Provides a collection of useful procedures for using the kernel debugger.
  • Windows CE Test Kit
    Describes the Windows CE Test Kit (CETK), which is a tool that you can use to test the functionality and performance of device drivers and related hardware on a Windows CE–based device.
  • PREfast Analysis Tool
    Describes the Windows CE static analysis tool that detects defects in C/C++ programs.

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