Print Screen Tool (Windows CE 5.0)

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On a Microsoft® Windows® CE–based device, the Print Screen tool (Prt_scrn.exe) takes a screen shot and saves the screen shot as a bitmap (.bmp) file on the target device. The Print Screen tool supports all color depths.

The Print Screen tool is a command-line tool that does not require Platform Manager. If you have established a Platform Manager connection to a target device, you can instead use the Remote Zoom-in tool to take a screen shot. The Remote Zoom-in tool provides a graphical user interface (GUI). For information about the Remote Zoom-in tool, see Remote Zoom-in.

With the Print Screen tool, you can take a screen shot of a rectangular portion of the screen that is smaller than the full screen. The sides of the rectangular portion must be parallel to the horizontal and vertical sides of the display. You define the rectangle by specifying the coordinates of the upper left vertex and the lower right vertex.

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