Winsock Stress Test (Windows CE 5.0)

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The Winsock Stress Test strains Winsock and networking functionality by performing a large number of socket operations. The socket operations performed by this test may also stress the remainder of the networking stack, for example, when receiving and sending large amounts of data.

The Winsock Stress Test does not appear by default in the Windows CE Test Kit (CETK) window.

The following table shows the software requirements for the Winsock Stress Test.

Requirements Description
Netall.dll Module that provides functions that generate random numbers, output data, and parse command lines. The Netall.dll file must be located in the same directory as the test.
Netmain.lib Library that wraps the functions provided by Netall.dll. The Netmain.lib library contains the entry point for the test executable.

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