Speech API (SAPI) 5.0 (Windows CE 5.0)

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The Speech API (SAPI) technology for Microsoft® Windows® CE is a subset of the Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) 5.0. SAPI 5.0 is a programming standard that provides tools and components to speech recognition and text-to-speech software applications. Speech recognition applications allow a computer to respond to spoken commands or to write text in response to spoken words. Text-to-speech applications allow a computer to synthesize a voice that speaks words that are in a string or text file.

In This Section

  • SAPI OS Design Development
    Provides information about the modules and components of the SAPI functionality and the Sysgen variables that enable this functionality.
  • SAPI Application Development
    Provides information about the SAPI interfaces that can be used by applications to support speech recognition and speech synthesis and implementation of the SAPI phoneme representations.
  • SAPI Registry Settings
    Provides information about the registry settings that enable and configure SAPI functionalities in your OS design.
  • SAPI Migration
    Provides information about the changes in SAPI that you need to know when migrating this functionality from one version of Windows CE to another.
  • SAPI Samples
    Provides information about the samples that demonstrate the use of the SAPI in applications.
  • SAPI Reference
    Provides reference information about the SAPI programming elements that are available for use in Windows-CE based devices.
  • Applications and Services Development
    Provides links to topics that contain information about the operating system functionalities that are available for developing applications and services.

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